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Callebaut block of soft milk chocolate 5 KG - 665

Callebaut block of soft milk chocolate 5 KG - 665

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An abundance of deep roasted and caramel notes – ready for any task.
Recipe No. 665 is an atypical milk chocolate in every respect, with a warm and light color. It owes its unique flavor profile to the special block milk selected for this recipe and to the unique Wieze cocoa mixture. After conching, this recipe releases a remarkable and distinct flavor with roasted and sweet caramel notes. Ideal for pairing with citrus fruits and dairy ingredients and even cheeses.
Thanks to its standard fluidity, 665 is a delicious all-round chocolate that guarantees fantastic results in almost every application: from molding to coating, from flavoring to decorating.

The solid block of chocolate is sent in an ISO packaging.

All orders are not covered by Bol's returns policy, as these are food products that are subject to temperature fluctuations, no orders will be returned.

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