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Croquembouche Workshop Box

Croquembouche Workshop Box

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Surprise your family and friends with a delicious Croquembouche, an impressive tower built with filled puffs, dipped in caramel.

A fun family moment, creating fun memories with family, friends and relatives. We learn the tricks of the trade 'Chocolatier' through play and make the tastiest croquembouche.

A deliciously impressive Croquembouche, homemade! Yes of course 😊. A croquembouche or profiteroles tower is an impressive tower built with filled profiteroles, dipped in caramel. It is a French dessert that appears in almost all wedding celebrations. Have you always wondered how this tower was built? Now it's time to find out by doing it yourself! Surprise your family and friends with a delicious Croquembouche, bring a piece of France into your living room and enjoy it.

With this Workshop in a box 'Croquembouche' you can make a delicious Croquembouche yourself. This is an ALL IN do it yourself package, with which you can get started making your own dessert or organize a nice workshop moment with family and friends. Baking has never been as delicious as when we made it ourselves, because nothing beats homemade. This Workshop Box is an opportunity to create a family or friendship bond in a wonderful way.

Success guaranteed !

Everything is in the box, even the puffs are already baked in the box, so you don't have to bake anymore (just follow the step-by-step plan in the box). If you want to bake the puffs yourself later, we have included a secret recipe from our Chef.

Invite your friends or plan a fun and delicious baking afternoon with the children. A few hours of playing pastry chef, kids love it! This is how you create wonderful and unforgettable family memories!

There is a choice of a box for 4 to 8 people. If you want to do the workshop with more than 8 people, request a customized quote by sending an email to

Order your box, experience the experience and share the delicious results with your friends on social media. Don't forget to tag us so you can qualify for a nice bonus!

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