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Single Origin Chocolate Tumaco 85% Casa Luker Columbia

Single Origin Chocolate Tumaco 85% Casa Luker Columbia

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Meet the extraordinary Single Origin chocolate from Tumaco, a region in Colombia known for its rich cocoa cultivation. Casa Luker has carefully selected the finest cocoa beans to create this chocolate, and the result is an intense and refined flavor profile that reflects the true characteristics of the region.

With a cocoa percentage of 85%, this chocolate is a real treat for lovers of dark chocolate. You will be enchanted by the deep, earthy and powerful flavors this bar offers. The intense bitterness is subtly balanced by hints of red fruit and a touch of floral notes.

The texture of the chocolate is velvety soft and melts slowly on your tongue, allowing the complex flavors to fully unfold. Every bite takes you on a taste adventure, where you can enjoy the rich and characteristic taste of Tumaco.

This Single Origin chocolate from Tumaco 85% from Casa Luker is a tribute to the passion and dedication of the local cocoa farmers and the craftsmanship of Casa Luker. It is a real treat for those looking for an intense and refined chocolate experience.

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Tumaco and discover the richness of Colombian cocoa with this delicious Single Origin chocolate. Enjoy every moment of this special bar!
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